jueves, 19 de julio de 2007

Anime is bland but...

Theres an exception or two. But before that i will tell my motivation for starting this blog...

Ive wanted to start a blog for a while to upload my drawings and my progress following john ks lessons and the preston blair book but since i dont have a scanner or digital camera to upload my crap i didnt have any reason to start one until now.

Uncle Eddie and John K talk harshly about anime in their blogs and that upsets fanboys, and you know something? It deserves it, its all true!

Im 17, ive lived in Mexico my whole life, i grew up watching the cartoons they had on local television, when i was small i remember watching lots of tom and jerry and tex avery cartoons, then as i grew they changed to mostly hanna barbera wich i didnt like so much, then we got all the kids shows (Tom and jerry kids, tiny toons) the smurfs the snorkels wich i hated, then we got ren and stimpy wich i loved and my parents hated, and then as i grew older...anime.

Dragon ball and Pokemon and such crap made a big shock in Mexico like in most American countries, but since Mexico is a country controlled by the church and the media it was a much larger problem.

There was and is two major broadcasters in mexico (that is televisa and azteca) since televisa owned the most popular anime shows in mexico at the time azteca started a campaing against anime supporting the churchs views, the church organized burnings in wich little children would take their beloved anime toys and pokemons and see them burn in the name of god, so you can imagine what kind of thing they were supporting.

Now, imagine being an 11 year old boy in a catholic school who loves many of the anime cartoons that were popular at that time, you either sticked to the rules and adopted the god fearing views the teachers used to scare the hell out of kids, or you used to scare the hell out of teachers. In my case it was the second one, this was to me even more fun than the cartoons itself wich at the time i didnt even knew they were called anime. I just knew that if i drew a big detailed pikachu on my notebook i would be considered under the influence of lucifer and sent to have a chat with the school priest wich thanks to god wasnt a pervert only a moron. After that my friends and i would make our own comic books trying to make them as shocking as posible, we heard that the police came looking for a boy who drew a massacre on the U.S. and tought "we could do it better"

So i got hooked up on anime until i was 15 (not to long ago) but it really started to bore me, i couldnt find anything interesting in it specially on the art department it all seemed like the same, thanks to internet i rediscovered classic cartoons and most recently i discovered john ks blog wich inspired me even more, but i think anime still has some redeeming qualities, (by looking at katie rices drawings i think she sees them too) so my motivation for starting this series of posts is to expose such qualities and to show some of the work made in asia (wich isnt any of that pseudoexperimental crap) that has something interesting in it, based on the criteria john k preaches to see if ive learned anything at all.

sorry if my spelling or anything sucks i will start specific subjects on future posts.

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